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Lemon Announced iQ 707 Dual SIM GSM Mobile Phone
The 2.2-inch TFT display is a bit tiny, but bright. The interface is fast, though the software is dodgy (more on that later). The device sports a mini-USB port on the right and a hot swappable memory card slot on the left, the latter being a nice touch. The dual SIM capability is a different matter though with both slots on top of each other. Getting a SIM card into Slot 1 is a simple matter of infinite patience and regular expletives directed at the designers when trying to insert the card in.

Also, internal memory is a measly 20 MB, though the phone supports memory cards of up to 8 GB capacity. The makers seem to have bet on the fact that since the phone comes so cheap, you would not mind spending a few hundreds more on the memory card. The one big missing part is a standard 3.5inch earphone jack. Audio out is through the standard mini-USB port. Lemon has helpfully provided a USB to 3.5inch adapter though. If you're quick on the uptake you'd also realize this means you can't charge and listen to music at the same time.

The trackball (a BlackBerry rip-off) is passable and a tad too sensitive, which makes it annoying and the customization settings don’t help much. Also, do remember that in Indian conditions the BlackBerry trackball needs a visit to the ICU within 6 months of use and perhaps this trackball will go that route too. But on the whole, the phone seems very well built and sturdy.

The Lemon iQ707 comes bundled with a nice looking, quick interface, but which can be a bit dodgy and frustrating at times, especially if you are used to ones that work like a dream. The menu animations are nice, though not customisable. The device comes bundled with Opera Mini and supposedly the Nimbuzz IM. I say supposedly Nimbuzz because this is one app that has never worked on any device I've used, from Nokia to BlackBerry and as usual, it didn't fail to disappoint even on the Lemon.

The music player is basic and not worth getting into too much detail. Suffice it to say that if you know your Bach from your Bono and know the meaning of the word audiophile, this won't be the deciding feature for you. But if you're into whatever plays on the radio and just want to drown out the cacophony constantly emanating from our populous country, you won't mind.

Category: My articles | Added by: Manish (2010-06-26) | Author: Manish E
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